Port-Au-Prince is the capital of Haiti and is its most populated city by quite a margin. Filled with old monuments and bazaars, Port-Au-Prince is a beautiful spot that’s bustling with life, providing the perfect place for both leisure and business, no matter what your reason for visiting Haiti. However, what everyone needs is a car rental in Port-Au-Prince.

New Look Rent-a-Car is a service that offers customers car rental in Haiti. Being a Haiti based company, we operate in Port-Au-Prince as well and are ready to provide you with the perfect vehicle for your stay at any time.

The Services we Offer for Car Rental in Port Au Prince

New Look Rent-a-Car is your one stop shop for car rental in Port-Au-Prince. We offer a long list of available vehicles, providing your accommodation that takes into mind your budget as well. We help you select a vehicle that’s appropriate for your trip and takes care of all your needs, handing you the vehicle at the airport so that you can use it from there to wherever you want to go.

Along with provision of vehicles, we offer many more services with the aim of accommodating clients as much as possible. Ensuring that our customers feel convenient is our top priority. New Look Rent-a-Car offers fuel services where you get a vehicle with a filled tank. You can return such vehicles without having to refill the tanks. Rather than wasting time at fuel stations, choose to spend time enjoying what Port-Au-Prince offers you.

To make sure that you’re never left to fend on your own, we provide Roadside Assistance. If you happen to misplace or lose anything, New Look Rent-a-Car will have a locksmith at your location or offer you a new pair of keys. Flat tire, low fuel, or battery failure, we are here to help you with everything.

If you would like an extended stay, we also offer leasing services which are cheaper for the long-run. These contract-free agreements can help you stay as long as you like without any hassle.

Requirements for Car Rental in Haiti

In order to rent a car in Haiti, a valid driving license is necessary. For international tourists, an International Driver’s Permit is required. Furthermore, be prepared to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Driving under the influence and not wearing a seatbelt are offences. Furthermore, you will need to be careful of the chaotic roads in the Port-Au-Prince, which often lack road signs or notices offering instructions or speed limits. You need to be prepare yourself to handle these things on you own in order to have a good experience with your car rental in Port-Au-Prince.

Traffic jams and rash drivers are quite common, requiring you to mentally prepare yourself for the worst and not let anything annoy you. Besides this, Port-Au-Prince has a charm that you can experience best with New Look Rent-a-Car’s car rental service in Port-Au-Prince.