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Terms & FAQs


All bookings must be cancelled 24-48 hours ahead of time by sending us an email to this address: RRHotel@NewLookRentaCar.com, otherwise, a 20% of the total booking cost will be charged. The email you sent us will have a time/date to prove that you requested a cancellation. New Look Car rental takes great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality customer care while maintaining the diamond standard for our fleet collections.


In the event of any loss or damage to the rented vehicle, the renter will be responsible for the full value of the vehicle. However, the following options are available to reduce his/her liability:

  • Option 1: Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) In keeping with our company’s policy, renters are afforded the right to purchase a Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W). This provision reduces the renter’s liability in the event of loss or damage to the rented automobile (any single event). Herein, the renter’s major credit card is used to guarantee the summation of the liability and rental amounts. Please see the table below for cost and liability details.
  • Option 2: Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.) The Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.) caters to zero liability protection to the renter in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle (any single event). L.D.W. is only applicable to rentals three (3) days and over. Please refer to the table below for the relevant prices
  • Option 3: Participating Credit Cards – The aforementioned coverages may be declined if the renter has a credit card that offers insurance coverage. It is their sole responsibility to ensure that this insurance coverage offered through their credit card will fully cover their rented vehicle. The following credit cards offer insurance coverage: the Gold and Platinum Master Cards issued in Canada and the World MasterCard from the United States. Please verify with your credit card company about these terms. Our rental agents will also obtain confirmation at the time of rental.Basic Third party liability is already covered under the quoted rates.


  • Be sure to bring the following documentation to (company) center near you:
    1. Reservation/confirmation number.
    2. Driver’s license of the official driver.
    3. Additional drivers, driver’s license.
    4. Driver’s Credit Card or Debit card.
    5. Any prepaid Voucher of (company).
    6. Passport
    7. Acceptable Credit cards: Visa or MasterCard

Age Limit

No one under the age of twenty-One (21) years is permitted to drive our vehicle at NEWLOOK RENT A CAR.

Additional Drivers

Renters are permitted to authorize the usage of rental vehicles to secondary drivers. In keeping with our company’s policy, both the renter and secondary driver must be present at our center in order for our representatives to properly verify their identities. This authentication is primarily done with the driver’s license of both individuals. The additional driver(s) will be equally responsible for the vehicle and is required to abide by the terms and conditions as are outlined in the rental agreement.

Returning the Rented

All vehicles are to be returned to the location of origination unless otherwise told. Should any rental vehicle by returned to a location different from its location of origination, a subsequent charge of $99.00 US dollars will be assessed. This fee will be charged to cover costs associated with returning the vehicle to its rightful location.

One exception to this policy: under special circumstances, vehicles rented at our Head Office (located at 49 Bis, Bas Aviation Route Aeroport Cap-Haïtien) may be returned to the International Airport Office or vice versa, at no additional cost. In addition, special arrangement for drop-off and pick-up to your hotel, business or residence within a 15 mile radius is complimentary and hassle free.


All rentals with a duration of 1 to 2 days have a maximum of 120 kilometers a day. For rentals with a duration of 3 or more days the mileage is unlimited.


It is an NEWLOOK RENT A CAR policy to provide the rented vehicle with a full tank of fuel. If the vehicle is not returned with the same quantity of fuel that was supplied by NEWLOOK RENT A CAR, a refueling charge will be supplied at the time of billing.

Rental Period

Each rental’s duration is within a 24 hour period window. This simply means that vehicles rented on a specific day at a specific time need to be returned the next day at the same time it was rented the day prior, e.g., a vehicle that is rented at 9:00am on Wednesday, will complete a rental day on Thursday at 9:00am. Though we offer an additional 1 hour grace period for rental returns at no additional cost, let it be noted that the additional 1 hour grace period afforded to renters must fall within our local hours of operation which is 6:30am-5:00pm, Monday through Sunday. Any time after this grace period is considered to be an additional day that carry subsequent fees.

It should be noted that at no time, will any of our rental contracts exceed 30 days; if renters require a rental for over 30 days, they are expected to visit one of our locations to complete the transaction in person. This type of transaction will be processed in a two part way; first the renter will pay and sign an agreement for 30 days, then second, they will be given the option to renew the contract for the extra additional days they plan to use the vehicle for.


In event of an accident, for your safety we would suggest that medical treatment be sought. We would also need you to secure the vehicle and contact us immediately. Remember, all accidents should be reported to the nearest police station within 24 hours of the accident. This and many other safety precautions can be found in the accident chapter for further details.


The vehicle must not be driven by any unauthorized individual(s). It is prohibited for us to formulate any rental agreement contracts with any individual seeking a rental who is under twenty-one (21) years of age. The following are strict guidelines and policies outlined; individuals with the following statuses are prohibited from transacting rentals with our company:

  • A revoked or suspended license.
  • Under the influence of any substance which may impair the renters faculties.
  • To transport people and/or property for compensation.
  • To transport hazardous or explosive substances.
  • To give driving lessons.
  • To propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object.
  • To enter any competitive racing.
  • In any abusive, reckless, or grossly negligent manner.
  • Beyond it’s rated capacity with respect to weight/occupancy.
  • In any illegal activity.
  • In violation of any parking rules.
  • Breach

If the renter violates the Rental Agreement by not following any of the condition(s) or term(s) of the agreement, the renter must immediately pay any and all charges including fines, penalties and physical property damage associated.


The vehicle is the property of Company. The renter is not regarded as an agent, employee or servant of the owner company Car Rental for any reason or purpose at any time.


Some vehicles are not suitable for driving through the country side roads. A list of these areas will be available at the counter. Customers must request an exchange if necessary to travel within these areas to prevent any mechanical issues and delays. If a mechanical errors occur with a vehicle that is deemed inappropriate for a specified locality, this expense and any other fees associated will become the responsibility of the renter, as they are held liable for such situations. Company will be at your service to ensure that your trip is a safe, secure and a happy one. Any special needs or accommodation will be gladly taken care of once it lies within our capabilities, therefore renters must communicate this need to an agent ahead of time and in a timely manner.


The owner shall provide liability insurance with basic minimum coverage and the renter agrees to be bound by the conditions, restrictions and terms of said coverage. Be sure to inform an agent if you plan to provide your own coverage, as then the coverage provided by us will be seen as excessive.


New Look Rent-a-Car accepts MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card or Cash. An additional charge card hold or cash will apply at the counter. The minimum hold varies depending on purchase of CDW or form of payment and ranges between US$500 to US$5,000. Please, contact us (HERE) for additional information.


New Look Rent-a-Car provides refund up to 24 hours after booking. All bookings are non-refundable after 24 hours of booking. Please, contact us (HERE) for additional information.


How old do I have to be to rent a vehicle?

You must be at least 21 years old.

What documents will I need to rent a vehicle?

You should possess a valid driver´s license, another valid ID from your home country and a valid credit card or cash.

If I rent a vehicle in my name, can someone else drive it?

Yes. However, this person must be present with their driver’s license at one of our offices so that our representatives may authenticate it and add the person to the rental agreement. The additional driver will be required to sign the rental agreement, and as such, be equally responsible for the vehicle in an event of potential loss or damage. The secondary driver will also be required to abide by the conditions as set forth in the rental agreement.

Is there a drop off charge for one way rentals?

Yes, there is a drop off charge for one way rentals.

What do I do if something goes wrong with the vehicle?

During normal hours of operation you should call any Company office Outside of normal business hours you should call and we will address the problem immediately.

How do I arrange to extend my rental?

Please call the rental location directly and we will be happy to assist you with planning that.

Can I pay by cash?

Yes, if you have made a prior arrangement to do so. However, in order to guarantee the rental, you must use a valid credit card.

Can I reserve a particular vehicle?

Each vehicle category consists of various models. We are unable to guarantee a specific make, model or color since our vehicles are rented based on available within each category in our inventory.

Are there any other charges when renting a vehicle?

Yes, there is a local government tax (TCA) of 10% which will be applied to the rental amount.

What is LOSS Damage Waiver (LDW) and how much does LDW cost?

The renter is responsible for the full value of the rented vehicle in the event of any loss or damage to the vehicle. The Loss Damage Waiver (or L.D.W.) is a product that is available for sale to reduce that liability. Please view our “Policies” page to see detailed information about our L.D.W. and other waivers.

What time do I have to return my vehicle?

All vehicles are due at exactly the same time you rented it on the previous day. (See policies/ Rental Period to your right).

Do I have to refuel the vehicle before I return it?

It is the policy of Company to provide the rented vehicle with a full tank of fuel. We recommend that the renter refuel the car before returning it, because while we do offer a refueling service, our refueling charge will be higher than at the local gas stations.

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