Haiti is a beautiful place to be in whether on vacation or on business. To get the very best out of your visit, you need a car rental in Haiti to see the sight and sounds of the country on your own schedule. That’s just what New Look Rent-a-Car helps you with, bringing exceptional car rental services at both Port-au-Prince Airport and Cap-Haitien Airport, Haiti.

Offering a wide variety of vehicles, from sedans and SUVs to luxury cars, we offer the most exceptional car rentals in Haiti, while also adding in some bonus travel tips to make sure you have a great time in Haiti. Simply check out the list of cars on our websites and choose the best one and make a booking. If you’re looking for some advice, our representatives are here to help.

While the distant may seem untrustworthy, at New Look Rent-a-Car, we ensure that what you order is what you get, with no discrepancy whatsoever in payments, quality, and any other aspect related to your car rental in Haiti.

Renting and Leasing

Renting is not the only service we offer at New Look Rent-a-Car. We are fully equipped to accommodate clients who are in Haiti for a longer stay with highly beneficial leases. The mini-lease program we offer is highly economical and provides numerous benefits to anyone staying in Haiti for a long time. Running generally for 60 days, you can demand an extension any time based on your requirements. The longer you lease, the cheaper it will be.

Furthermore, there’s no contract required whatsoever since payments are made monthly. As all information on your travels is gathered prior, there’s nothing that will prove unsuitable for you during your travel. To make it easier for you, we offer collections of travel points. The more of our services you use, the more benefits you avail from those points.

Why Choose Us?

New Look Rent-a-Car is not just a great rental car service in Haiti, but is also quite convenient and easy to hire. Offering you car rental at Haiti Airport the minute you arrive, we ensure that you face no hassle whatsoever. There’s no need to pay for a cab and reach use, we bring your car rental to you.

Furthermore, we provide a number of fuel packages as well as the Fuel Service Option for your car rental in Haiti. This brings you a full tank that you will not have to refill once you return the car. You won’t need to waste your time looking for fuel stations, it will all be covered. Along with this, New Look Rent-a-Car offers Roadside Assistance that is there for you at every step of the way, no matter what you might need from it. From low fuel to dead battery, our experts are there to help you with anything.

A car rental in Haiti from New Look Rent-a-Car is not just a way for you to get a vehicle during your visit, it’s a way for you to get the best out of your trip on your own accord and schedule.

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